Teddy Bear - Artist - Peggy Fleming - Pleasant Ridge Collection, Des Moines, Iowa

Handmade Art for the Home and Heart

Creating art is like breathing to some of us. The Pleasant Ridge Collection is a world of little mohair teddy bears and their friends, needle-felted creations, hand stitched pieces and other delights. All pieces are designed and made by me, award winning artist Peggy Fleming. I do occasionally offer some pieces that incorporate cross-stitched designs charted by other artists, because I like to cross-stitch, but don't have time to chart my own designs right now. In that case, credit is fully given.

A full-time communication job and volunteer activites don't leave much time for making art, so only a limited number of pieces is available each year

Since I do social media for a living, it's where you will find news of any new pieces I have available or any new projects I am working on. Look for some spun cotton adventures and experiments with different media in doll-making. There's also my blog (link above) which is updated irregularly, but has lots of pictures!

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In memory of my friend, teddy bear artist Brenda Hallaway.